Payroll Forms

There are several factors that can lead to a first paycheck being delayed, but your chances of being affected will be a lot lower if you have completed your online documentation in NESSIE and your I-9 form as directed by your hiring department. The links below direct you to the documentation that must be completed in order to ensure that your first paycheck arrives on time in September. If you have any questions about whether you’ve completed your documents correctly, please contact your department as soon as possible.

NESSIE online forms

I-9 form 

If you have questions about your paycheck, contact the Human Resources payroll office at 312-996-7200.

Check Your Pay Guide

Updated: September 2023

Graduate workers with a percentage appointment (TAs, RAs, and GAs) are paid on or before the 16th of each month. Every year, many UIC graduate workers have issues with their pay, including late paychecks and missing hours. 

If your pay is late or incorrect, please reach out immediately! 

Email with your concerns.

Start by searching “UIC Paycheck,” which should lead to the UIllinois “Earnings Statement” page. Or you can navigate directly to

Follow the green button “Access Earnings Statement,” then login with your NetID credentials. To access payroll documents, you may be required to use 2-factor authentication with a text or push notification. 

If you are stuck at this step, then you can setup 2-factor security here:

Once login is complete, you will be redirected to your most recent earnings statement. This will begin with your name, the address you use for tax documents, and the net amount deposited into your account. 

Important: Confirm that the dates reflect the current pay period, and that the net amount matches a deposit into your bank account on the 15th or 16th of the month.

The screenshot shows the net amount for a continuing, 50% RA in fall 2023 with some deductions, so your net amount may differ somewhat. 

Scroll down the page a bit further to look at your “Total Paid Hours” and “Current” gross pay for this month. This reflects the pay amount before taxes, investments, or other withholdings take effect. If you have an additional “Grad Hourly” appointment, then your hours will also be reflected here.

Important: Confirm that the hours and total pay are correct. For Fall 2023, here are the minimum amounts, which most departments adhere to for graduate workers.


Likely paycheck issues to look out for:

If you experience any of these issues with your pay, please reach out immediately! 

Email with your concerns.

To check previous statements, select the “View Past Statements” at the top of the page, then select the pay period from the drop-down menu. Feel free to reach out if you believe there was a pay issue in a previous paycheck as well.