Your Raise & Offer Letter

August 29th, 2023

Dear graduate worker,

This Fall the university announced a 4% campus salary increase. For the first time in at least a decade, this general campus increase was higher than the 3.75% increase to the TA and GA minimum salary laid out in GEO’s contract with the university. But don’t worry, our contract also has language that grants continuing assistants the larger of the two numbers.

Last week we signed an agreement with the university to help iron out some of the details of the campus wage increase roll out. Because most offer letters had already been sent out before the campus salary increase was announced, there is a large number of offer letters that incorrectly reflect a 3.75% increase instead of a 4% increase. The university is concerned that reissuing offer letters to all people affected would create a burdensome workload.

We share the university’s concerns. This is a time of year when HR capacity is already stretched thin processing appointments—adding to this workload could contribute to pay disruptions, and that’s an issue we know grad workers can’t afford to experience. 

By signing this agreement, we’ve released the university of their obligation to reissue offer letters, so for this year only continuing assistants’ offer letters may inaccurately reflect a 3.75% increase instead of the 4% they’ll actually be earning. This agreement guarantees continuing assistants the 4% raise regardless of what their offer letters say. 

You can view the text of the agreement at this link. After the first paycheck we’ll put out guidance on how to check to make sure you’re earning the right amount. Don’t hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions!

In Solidarity,

Marty Heath & Jennifer Vaccaro

GEO Co-Presidents