GEO Officer Elections

April 3rd, 2023

Below is a message from GEO’s Elections Committee Chair, Shravan Patankar:

GEO will be holding its election for the upcoming 23-24 Steering Committee during the week of April 10th. From now until kickoff meeting on April 10, starting at 5:30 pm and hosted on Zoom, candidate nominations will be accepted using the following form (names of those who nominate will not be shared unless asked):

(If you’d like to nominate multiple people, you can do so by filling out the form multiple times.)

On the night of April 10, we will kickoff the election with a remote Zoom townhall where candidates can give short speeches and answer potential questions. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor. Afterwards, voting will be open through in-person drop boxes or remote/online voting on April 11 and 12. In-person voting locations will be announced closer to the election. At the end of this email are the offices open to election as well as a short description of the office.

Election results will be first announced at a Membership Meeting on April 13th, to also celebrate the 16th anniversary of GEO’s existence. This meeting will start at 6 pm and will be hosted at Gallery 400. The agenda for this membershio meeting is here. Food and drinks will be provided to celebrate our anniversary and the successful election.

Best regards,


Co-President (2 positions): Responsibilities include chairing Steering Committee meetings, working as a liaison to the committees, and being a spokesperson of GEO.

Communications Chair: Responsibilities include facilitating Communications Committee meetings, and helping to create and maintain GEO’s messaging and online presence.

Treasurer: Responsibilities include keeping track of all union finances, maintaining budget, and serving as chair for the budget committee.

Grievance Chair: Includes evaluating potential grievances, interviewing grievants and investigating grievances, and working with Stewards Council members to help resolves grievances.

Secretary: Includes keeping records of meetings, creating and maintaining files of agendas and minutes, and attending Steering Committee meetings.

Outreach Chair: Includes doing outreach to campus unions and groups and the larger community.

Organizing Chair: Includes working with Stewards to build membership, organize around member issues, and run contract and issue campaigns.

Chief Steward: Includes working with Stewards to help facilitate communication about contractual rights, build membership, and organize around issues.